Aroids and other Tropical Plants Online Australia

Here you'll find Aroids we sell at El Arish Tropical Exotics including alocasias, colocasias, philodendrons, etc

Aroids are members of the Araceae family and are grouped together due to the structure of their inflorescence. They tend to have rhizomatous or tuberous roots but some like philodendron don't. . Aroids are popular in tropical landscaping due to their exotic and often colourful leaves,some which get to over a meter in width. Many aroids like colocasias will also grow in water making them great marginal plants for ponds or boggy areas. Some are semi cold hardy and will die back in winter and reshoot from the tubers in spring. Others will grow happily on palms or tree ferns and are great for vertical gardening and some are edible.

We've recently expanded our available aroid selection as they truly deserve a spot in every tropical garden.