Keeping Tropical Plants Happy for Winter

Author: Ann   Date Posted:21 May 2017 

Please make sure you can keep your plants warm enough over winter if you are ordering now. Tropical Plants find it hard to adjust in winter

We are happy to fill orders now but please make sure that you keep your plants warm for winter. In areas like Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia spring is the best time to order plants. Otherwise, you can keep them in a bright light area with a constant temperature that is over 15 degrees.

We cannot be held responsible if your order plants in winter and/or ignore advice we give on when is the best time to order your tropical plants particularly if you are in South Australia, Victoria or New South Wales.

We are happy to hold your order until spring, just let us know when ordering.

We definitely do not recommend ordering heliconias or gingers anywhere in Australia now aside from the Northern Territory.