Hedychium Gingers

Hedychiums originate primarily from southern China and the Himalayas. They have a long history of being cultivated in Europe since the mid 19th century.

Hedychiums grow from stout fleshy rhizomes and produce large broad leaves that hold the terminal flowers. The majority of hedychiums cultivated in Australia are highly scented. In temperate gardens they are deciduous and often won't emerge until late spring. They generally produce flowers on first year growth.They prefer strong bright light but not full sun and soils rich in organic matter in order to look good and flower well. They also like lots of water, hedychiums are often found growing along waterways and some will grow directly in water.
They with curcumas are the hardiest members of the ginger family and the best suited to temperate and cool climate tropical style gardens. Perfect for bed fillers, mass planted or in tropical cottage style gardens, hedychiums have an added bonus of bringing birds, bees and other nectar feeders to your garden.

Please be aware that in Queensland the white, yellow and kahli hedychium have been declared a noxious weed.

Dr Moy Hedychium

Dr Moy Hedychium


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Larsenianthus careyanus

Larsenianthus careyanus


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Pink  Hedychium

Pink Hedychium