Brugmansia include about 14 species of soft wooded shrubs mostly from moderate range altitude regions of the Andes. They thrive in a range of temperatures and soil types, but well drained, rich soil and bright light is best.
They can be pruned to standards that show off their long bell shaped flowers, clipped into a hedge or left to grow as a small tree. The majority of brugs are highly scented in the early morning and evenings.
When purchasing a plant from us you will generally receive a plant in a 4inch spacer saver pot that has been cut back for transport. We recommend that when you receive your plant you water it with a weak seaweed solution. This will help ease stress and promote new leaf bud formation. You can either transplant your plant into the ground or into a larger pot. Potting mix should be a premium free draining mix.

Do not ingest the leaves or flowers of brugmansias. They can be highly toxic/ hallucinogenic.
Here you'll find a selection of Brugmansias that we think are particularly suited to landscaping.