Jungle Houseplant Nursery Online Queensland

Houseplants to create a Jungle in your home!

Here you'll find plants suitable as pot plants to give your home that jungle vibe. We have an interesting array and new ones being added all the time, so check back frequently.

Greening your home with houseplants is the rage at the moment. Find a great selection here without paying ebay prices.

Alocasia clypeolata- Green Shield
12% OFF RRP $40.00
Alocasia portora

Alocasia portora

Now $25.00

29% OFF RRP $35.00
Philodendron Majestic

Philodendron Majestic


Philodendron mameii

Philodendron mameii


Alocasia alba
30% OFF RRP $50.00
Aglaonema White Lance
20% OFF RRP $25.00