Winter is Here! Winter Closing Dates for 2023

Author: Ann   Date Posted:10 June 2023 

Winter is coming so please consider if you can establish tropicals in your climate going into winter. Winter 2023 Closure Dates No mailout June 19th



Winter is officially here and we'll be closing down during July and August as we do every year.. As it is so slow, we'll be sending out on Monday the 12th of June and again on June 26th.

WE WILL NOT BE SENDING OUT on the 19th of June.

Again please consider you climate and the risk you take trying to establish tropical plants in winter. We recommend holding off until spring if you can, especially if you are in NSW or Victoria.

Thanks! and have a great winter!!

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Order waiting for Spring w thx

31 July 2023
Waiting for SPRING


By: on 1 August 2022
Good morning when will you be accepting orders again I see that there was only one Anna cordyline left which I have now put on my wishlist - thanking you regards Julie & Geoff Hervey Bay

Wishing to purchase plants

By: on 20 June 2022
I am currently in Tully. Are you open to visit to purchase plants?

Cordyline collection

3 July 2021
Thank you for the another year of excitement and delight at purchasing a magical range of tropical foliage cordylines from your online nursery. My garden is a paradise of joy and colour. Enjoy the fishing. Leslie.

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