Zingiber Gingers

Zingibers, or Beehive Gingers as they are often called can make excellent landscaping specimens in tropical,subtropical and even Sydney gardens. Zingibers are native to southern and south east Asia. With the highest concentration from the tropical and subtropical areas of southern China and Thailand.

Size wise they are generally between 30 cm and 180 cm tall. Inflorescence are produced basally and in rare cases terminally. Beautiful day flowers resembling small orchids are produced daily for months.

The most common beehive that is cultivated ornamentally is Zingiber spectibile. The honeycomb flowers resemble beehives and are produced prolifically. Often with clumps containing 50-100 flowers. There are early and later flower varieties that can be combined to give tropical gardeners beehives for 9 months of the year.

There are also deciduous varieties that are perfect as filler plants or for temperate tropical style gardens.

In general you'll find they grow best in rich, well drained soil in partshade. In winter they may rot if over watered. We sell small bared rooted plants rather than rhizomes as beehive gingers don't always have a 100% strike rate from rhizome.