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Taro is a staple crop in many regions worldwide, especially Asia,Hawaii and the South Pacific.
Bun Long Variety is the most popular taro sold in Australia and considered palpitate to Westerners taste buds. It is also known as Chinese Taro.
This potato-like root can range in length from 5 inches to over a foot long.
The flesh is often creamy white or pale pink and sometimes becomes purple-tinged once cooked.Though not very flavorful raw, has a nutty cooked flavor and is easy to digest.
Use much like a potato, Taro Root can be boiled, fried, or baked while the edible leaves may be steamed and used like spinach. To prepare, peel Taro Root with a vegetable peeler under running water to avoid any sensitivity to its sticky juices.

Taro leave are also used as a wrapper for steamed foods.


Growing Conditions Moist humid conditions are rich soil are idea..can also be grown in pots..
Taro grows well in warm/hot, humid areas - it needs a long growing time, frost free and lots of water.Taro can be harvested after 6 months in good conditions.
Max Size 100 cm
Origin Taro is native to southeast Asia
Temperature frostfree areas
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