When You Receive Your Plants

When you receive your plants unwrap them carefully and place them in a pot and add a high quality free draining potting mix (not garden soil). Generally the pot should be the smallest the plant fits in. If the pot is too large the plants will be prone to fungus and rot. Most of our plants will go into 140 mil to 200 mil pots.
Water the plants in well with a seaweed/seasol solution. It is extremely important to water plants in when they are potted up. Continue to use a weak seasol or kelp solution once a week until plants are established. Seaweed will strengthen your plants and fish emulsion has a broad range of micronutrients.
Place in a shadehouse or a spot with indirect light, gradually increasing light exposure. Remember your plants have been in a dark box and are not ready to go directly into sunlight. .
Water regularly as the soil drys out but do not overwater.
Fertilize with a organic extra or chicken pellet fert and what till roots establish through the pot.
You can now plant your plants in the ground. 
 I f you choose to place plants directly in the ground you will not have as much control over light and water and your success rate may not be as high. But if you do choose to do so make sure plants and mulched, watered regularly and protected from intense light.