Tropicals for Sydney

Are you pining for a lush tropical paradise but living in a cooler climate? Here you'll find tropical plants that will grow all the way down to Sydney in a protected coastal climate.You'll find more information on cool climate tropical plants here: Cold Hardy Tropical Plants

Heliconia mathiasiae ‘Mildred’ 5 plants
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Cordyline Pack  shady conditions (Cordyline pack shady conditions)
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CordylinePack for Sunny Conditions
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Haole Bronze Mini 5 plants
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Mini Cordyline Pack

Mini Cordyline Pack

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Cordyline fruticosa Cameroon 5 plants
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Red Hot Poker 5 Barerooted Plants
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Vriesea ospinae 5 plants
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Costus woodsonii cv French Kiss 5 pack
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Alexander Palm 5 plants
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Heliconia caribaea x  Black Cherry
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