Visiting the Nursery

El Arish Tropical Exotics is an online nursery. We take biosecurity risks to our nursery very seriously and therefor limit public access.
We do not have a retail center for plant sales. We have no display gardens for members of the general public and due to liability concerns we do not allow the general public into our propagation areas. Our property is at the back of an unformed council road,across a creek that often floods and our four dogs are especially fond of  leaving muddy pawprints on unannounced visitors.
Genuine customers are welcome to set up an appointment to pick orders up by prior arrangement. Having an appointment means we can schedule some time for you and lock up our dogs.
The Cairns Botanical Gardens have excellent display gardens, facilities for the general public and do tours.  If you are looking for some garden inspiration of interested seeing plants in a garden situation it is an excellent place to spend a few hours.