When to Order Plants

Generally we recommend purchasing plants in early spring so that you have a full growing season before winter arrives. If you purchasing heliconias this definitely applies for all our NSW customers. T
If you are in SE Qld we recommend purchasing heliconias and gingers before Christmas but things like cordylines are fine through autumn.
If you have a hothouse and can maintain a constant temperature above 15 degrees then your plants should be O.K. even if you order in winter. However, ordering and establishing plants when it is above 30 degrees is not recommended. Ideally temps should be between 20 and 30 degrees.
We strongly recommend  you consider your climate and do some research into your plants to make sure you are ordering at an appropriate time for your area.
We do not recommend purchasing plants when temperatures are approaching or over 28 degrees celsius. Either order earlier in the season (spring) or wait until it's cooling down a bit (late February). 
​We do not recommend purchasing tropical plants in the dead of winter.​
​We are not responsible for delivery delays caused by flooding/cyclones so please be aware it's safer to order outside of the Wet Season.