Plant Size

Heliconias, Gingers and Calatheas are generally sent as healthy rhizomes (often without leaves), torch gingers can be small barerooted plants.

​Taros, alocasias and colocasias are generally sent as suckers/slips. 

Climbing aroids and Vanilla are sent as cuttings.

Cordylines are sent as small barerooted plants OR as small propagations in pots (usually rare ones).

​Shrubs and trees are sent in small pots as are most of our edibles. 

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the size of our plants and rhizomes but if you have any questions about what you are purchasing please contact us BEFORE you purchase. 

The majority of our plants are between 20 and 57 cm long.  For some plants we have several options including bulk buy.

Sometimes we have to cut back foliage for posting which will not damage the health of your plants.

​Please keep in mind we are a mailorder nursery so we are not sending big potted plants to you. 

​Photos on the website are of mature plants, in most cases you are puchasing an immature plant.