How Do Loyalty Reward Points Work?


As of January 1st 2018 we have added a Loyalty Rewards Program. To receive points you will need to have an account with us (if you don't have one you can create one on the shopping cart page) and be logged in your account when trying to use the points

For every dollar you spend with us you will receive one point. After placing your order you will get an email confirming the number of points from your purchase, alternatively when you log into your account you will see the points you have available.

20 points equals one dollar so if you make a $100 purchase you will earn 100 points which is worth $4 off your next purchase with us. The minimum amount of points you can use is $5 so you'll need to accumulate at least 120 points to use your Loyalty Points to use them.

We value our customers, particularly the ones that return order after order, year after year. Finally we have found a system that will work for us and we hope you enjoy your rewards points as much as we enjoy giving them!!!!


                                                      Scott & Ann