It's Been a Wild Ride

Author: Ann   Date Posted:28 December 2023 


It's Been a Pretty Wild Ride


We hope everyone has had a safe and joyful Christmas. We've been very lucky up here with a few downed trees, powerlines down and moderate flooding. We're so grateful Jasper didn't bring us the heartache and traumathat Yasi and Larry did. 

. We are on track to start sending again Monday January 8th. I've enabled payment methods again so anyone who would like topay via cc or paypal can. (We disable when we aren't sending so cancelations don't incur credit card and paypal fees for us).

For anyone who is flood/storm/cyclone affected, you have our deepest sympathies. If you would prefer we hold your orders, no worries! Just let us know.

There's lots of things back in stock and some new stuff as well. So pour yourself an eggnog, break out the credit card and buy yourself something nice, you deserve it :)

Happy Holidays!! Ann & Scott

If you are an existing customer whose garden has been impacted by natural disaster, please contact us for a discount code

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