Otacanthus caeruleus

Brazilian Snapdragon

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you are purchasing a small potted plant about 35 cm tall

Another free flowering tropical shrub making a comeback. Perfect for tropical cottage style gardens or mass planted.

This ornamental garden plant is native to Brazil. It grows to a little over a meter. The flowers have a slender,1 inch long floral tube and are zygomorphic with fan-shaped upper and lower lips. The lower lip has a conspicuous white "eye" at the base. The leaves have depressed, pinnate veins and are green, opposite, sessile, finely toothed, and elliptic to lanceolate in shape. The stems are woody and brownish.
The leaves have a minty pine scent.


Growing Conditions well drained rich soil.
Flowering Season year round
Max Size 1.32 m
Origin Brazil
Temperature prefers tropical/subtropical

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