Granadilla Vine

Passiflora quadrangularis

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Granadilla is the largest member of the passionfruit family. The fruit is sort of like a cross between a passionfruit and a melon with both the soft sides and pulpy center edible. Young fruit can be cooked like a veggie. Ripe fruits can be eaten raw or used in jams.  It is well worth growing just for the flowers themselves which are like giant passionfruit flowers.


not so well

6 April 2018
The leaves of the plant are all yellow. Quite worry about it. I put it in the full sun location with hope it will pull through.
(3) Response
Xuan, I hope you didn't put it directly in full sun after being in a box all the way to South Australia via regular post! We recommend express post for South Australia, plants will arrive much quicker with a better chance of thriving. It costs more but it's worth it. Also, you'll find advice on what to do with your plants once they arrive here:

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