Pandanus amaryllifolius (Edible Pandanus)

Daun Pandan Rampe

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plant in tube 30 cm tall

Edible small pandanus also very useful in landscaping in a tropical climate.

P. amaryllifolius is a low growing (under one meter) plant with long narrow blade like leaves and woody aerial roots. It can be grown as a marginal plant in dams and ponds, used as a bedding plant in tropical landscaping and be used to hold creek banks. However it is most widely cultivated for use in Asian cooking and basket making.
It has a nutty botanical fragrance and is most commonly used in rice dishes or tied in a bundle and cooked with food.
Also useful in flower arrangements. We have an article on pandanus amaryllifolius here:

We are now  wholesaling pandans as well. Contact us for details.


Growing Conditions Sandy soil to clay and everywhere in between. Great marginal plant for dams or ponds. Tropical/subtropical.
Max Size 1 m
Origin Asia
Temperature tropical/subtrop
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Love the pandan

27 November 2021
Plants arrived in good condition and are larger than the average ones found in NSW.
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Thanks Zhiying! We try and put out a good size plant as we know they grow slower outside of our climate. Hope you make lots of good tucker with them!

Pandan plants

1 November 2021
Plants were delivered on time. They were packed really well and arrived in good condition. I followed the clear blog instructions on caring for them and am happy to say that they are really doing well.
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Good luck with them Santha! We're glad to hear they are doing well and arrived safely. It's so nice to have fresh pandan leaves to cook with.

Bitter taste

20 December 2017
I received mine in November and has been put into a larger pot. I tasted one of the leaves and it tastes bitter? The leaves are slightly yellower than when i have bought them at Asian grocer.
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You either have it in too much sun, too little humidity or it needs to be fertilized. Please keep in mind your NSW climate is significantly different than Malaysia. As for the "taste" they are small immature plants. If you start eating them now you'll kill them.

Pandanus amaryllifolius (Edible Pandanus)

13 October 2017
Arrived fast. Great plant and growing well:) Thanks guys.

Healthy plant

By: on 29 March 2017
Very happy with this plant. It was well packed and arrived in good shape. Since planting it has adjusted to my garden very quickly with new growth now appearing. Cheers!

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