Heliconia Caribaea X cv Giant Red Claw (Giant Red Claw)

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Large heliconia from Alan Carle's collection. Bulk Buy available.

This one goes by many names including Criswick, Son of Criswick and Utopia. It is a large heliconia suitable for landscaping and grown widely in the Northern Territory as a cut flower. It is very easy to grow and recommended for novice growers.


Growing Conditions Rich well drained soil, partial to full sun. will grow down to Coastal Sydney in a protected microclimate.
Flowering Season summer flowering
Max Size 3 meters
Origin Alan Carle
Temperature down to 5 degree
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Giant Red Claw Heliconia

25 October 2018
I was more than happy with my purchase. The plants came a day early, packed in moist paper shredding. I did have planting boxes ready for them to be planted without delay.

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