African Hostas Leporad Lily

Drimiopsis maculata

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This pretty little groundcover is very low maintenance. The leaves are variously textured and may be patterned with spots or stripes of purplish colors, or they may be plain. Plants characteristically form a rosette of leaves, and flowers varying in color from lilac, pink, purple, green, or yellowish green.


Growing Conditions Tolerant of both heat and drought, African hosta prefers light shade and well-draining but slightly moist soil. However, it is tolerant of a wide range of light exposures ranging from part sun to dark shade. Dies back in winter protecting the plant from light frosts.
Flowering Season Spring, sumer whenever it rains as the name suggests.
Max Size 1o cm
Origin Africa
Temperature tropical subtropical
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African Hostas Leporad Lily

13 March 2019
This is a beautiful, easy to grow delicate lily that doesn't take over the garden. It is extremely hardy, and looks so pretty in shaded gardens.

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