Sauropus androgynus F. Euphorbiaceae

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Sweet leaf is one of the most popular, leaf vegetables from India to Malaysia.

The tips taste like fresh garden peas.The older leaves are fantastic when cooked - in stews and curries and soups. The brand new ones are absolutely beautiful raw or in stir-fries.


Growing Conditions It'll grow in semi-shade or full sun and is incredibly hardy.Cut it back if it gets too tall or leggy.Likes moist humid environment.
Flowering Season Flowers spring thru summer
Max Size The bush has upright, multiple stems 1-21/2 metres high; dark-green, oval-shaped leaves 5-6cm long.
Temperature Frostfree conditions
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Sweet leaf

By: on 19 February 2016
Healthy plants, good root system, already starting to form new leaves.

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