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5 small barerooted plants

Makes a very attractive ground cover with it's glossy dense leaves. Primarily cultivated in India and SE Asia as spice and medicine. In Thailand the young leaves are eaten raw or cooked. They are used raw to wrap ginger, peanuts, roasted coconut meat, dried shrimp, chilli, shallots, lime and, sweet coconut meat sauce to make miang kam bai chaa phluu, a kind of snack. The leaves are also mixed in khaao yam, blanched as a vegetable or put into curries. Very tasty in salads.

You are purchasing 5 barerooted plants


Growing Conditions well drained rich soil, partshade likes a fair bit of moisture
Flowering Season summer
Max Size 60cm
Origin SE Asia
Temperature not cold tolerant
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Nice & Rich Flavor

26 March 2018
I had my doubts (this is my first purchase from El Arish) but after I potted and let the plant grow I could taste the richness in the leaves, so much so my dad found this more richer than his plant to which he now has a cutting from mine to spread around his yard. Quite good quality growth

High quality

13 February 2018
the colors are very green and it has a prominent taste indicating it's healthiness

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