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Artocarpus odoratissimus x 10

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small established plant in 75 mil pots

Rare Jackfruit Relative suitable for the tropics this is a bulk buy of ten potted plants!

The tree is really tropical in its growing requirements and will not grow in temps under about 7-8 degrees..

The fruit looks like a cross between a jackfruit and a breadfruit .It is round to oblong, 15–20 cm long and 13 cm broad, and weighing about 1 kg. The thick rind is covered with soft, broad spines.

The ripe fruit is opened by cutting the rind around, twisting and gently pulling. If overripe they are simply pulled apart. The interior of the fruit is somewhat similar to the jackfruit's, but the color is white and the flesh is usually softer.the flesh is made up of many white grape like segments..the has a strong perfumed scent, and is considered superior in flavour to both jackfruit and cempedak.i..its really absolutely delicious and we have a few planted around the property as well as some on a trellis..

This is a bulk buy of ten, perfect for small acreage owners in the Tropics wanting to produce their own fruit.


Growing Conditions Welldrained rich soil. Ultra tropical
Flowering Season summer
Max Size 10 m
Origin Borneo
Temperature Strictly tropical
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