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Grow your own chocolate with 3 cocoa trees

Who doesn't love chocolate ?
Cocoa is tropical plant native to South America, although it is grown in parts of Central America, Africa, India, and the South Pacific. It is a plant that needs a hot and wet environment to flourish. Prefers a protected part shade position for the first few years.
The tiny pinkish flowers appear in cauliflorous clusters at former leaf axils that in previous seasons sprouted leaves. The flowers are rather short-lived, lasting only for a day and their fertility lasts only from sunrise to sunset of that day.The seeds are the most valuable part of the plant as they provide the source material for what eventually is to become chocolate. Mature trees start to produce fruit after about five years.
After the beans are removed from the pod, they are left to ferment for 7 days. Fermentation kills the seeds and enhances the development of the chocolate flavor.
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Growing Conditions Cocoa is a crop of warm humid climatic conditions requiring a well distributed rainfall of 1250mm – 3000mm per year and an annual precipitation of 1500 – 2000mm per year. However, it can be successfully grown by supplementing rainfall with irrigation during prolonged dry periods.
Prefers a protected part shade position for the first few years.
Flowering Season summer
Max Size 5 m generally pruned to stay small for harvesting
Origin Amazon
Temperature deal range of temperatures for cocoa is minimums of 18-21°C and maximums of 30-32°C
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