Sucrier/ Senorita Banana

Monkoy Finger Bananas, our Favorite!

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Available Late Spring 2017

Rarely seen in shops, you'll have to grow this one yourself

Senorita Bananas are also known as 40 day bananas, Sucrier Bananas and Monkoy Bananas as that's how long they usually take from flowering to fruiting. They are a dwarf banana that only reaches 2m and do not have huge bunches and the fruits are on the smaller side. It is rarely sold in shops as it bruises easily. We recommend this banana for people with optimal conditions in the tropics and subtropics. Well worth growing! In the photo the smallest banana is the Sucre and compared with Ducasse and Dwarf Red Dacca.

You are purchasing a small barerooted tissure culture banana plant from our QBAN nursery. WE ARE NOT ABLE TO SELL PLANTS TO NSW, WA, NT OR TAS due to import restrictions.


Growing Conditions well drained rich soil
Flowering Season year round
Max Size 2 m
Origin Phillipines
SKU 5648

Sucrier/Senorita Banana plant

8 March 2018
We received this little banana plant quickly, and it was well protected in the post. It was planted straight away and doing very well. The sellers are most helpful and keen to please.

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