Medinilla pendula

Hanging Medinilla

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Easy to grow Medinilla suitable to pot culture.

Medinilla pendula- Popular landscaping plant in the Phillipines and Tropical Asia. The flowers are pinkish, in pendulous, nearly always terminal inflorescences, The plant is rarely without flowers or berries and the dark green leaves give that lush, tropical look. Grows to about a meter. Can be trimmed to keep it compact. Flowers from a very young age.


Growing Conditions Medinillas do best grown in bright, indirect sunlight, in a warm humid environment. They prefer high humidity which can be achieved with regular misting and rich very well drained soil. . Semi-epiphytic in the wild (like orchids) They grows well in large pots in a shaded outdoor position or bright light indoor position. In a moist tropical climate can be grown like an orchid in the fork of trees or tied to tree ferns.
Average Dimension 1 meter by 1 meter, can be pruned to shape
Flowering Season year round if treated well.
Max Size 1 m
Origin Phillipines
Temperature tropical or house plant
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