Grey Dawn (Dieffenbachia Grey Dawn)

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You are purchasing a small established plant in a tube

Attractive Green with grey center.

Dieffenbachias have been decorating homes and offices for decades. These showy houseplants are prized for their vividly variegated foliage and large bushy growth habits. Some varieties grow up to1 1/2 m tall. The large pointed leaves grow from a central stem, or cane. As the plant ages it will lose its lower leaves, giving it a palm like look.

It gets the nicknames "Dumb Cane" and "Mother in Law Plant" as a result of the effects of the milky sap it contains. If ingested it causes a burning sensation in the mouth, swells the tongue, and paralyzes the vocal cords, literally taking one’s voice away.


Growing Conditions These plants can be easily grown outside in the tropics and subtropics.
Flowering Season -
Max Size 1m
Origin -
Temperature houseplant or tropical
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