Wide Leaf Spider Lily

Hymenocallis sp.

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Hymenocallis wide leaf to be from the West Indies. Where ever it is from, grow it for its large size, spectacular white flowers and night fragrance.

Hymenocallis wide leaf is a clump-forming plant which has thick strap-shaped dark green leaves that arch gracefully. The leaves clasp around each other near the ground to form a false stem on top of huge bulbs. In summer, beautiful fragrant white flowers in branched clusters appear atop tall stems held above the foliage. The large blooms are wide-spreading with cup in the middle surrounded by and joining spidery thin petals that curl backwards.


Growing Conditions Easy to grow, spider lilies are tolerant of evenly moist soils with ample drainage. They prefer light shade particularly in the hottest part of the day. In winter the bulbs will tolerate temperatures around freezing for a limited time; however it’s best to dig and store them indoors in areas with hard winters. Large clumps of plants often form, divide the bulbs to promote air circulation and to propagate. This variety rarely sets seeds. When planting spider lilies, the necks and a small portion of the top of the large bulbs should be just above the soil layer. Use mulch to conserve moisture and suppress weeds.

Use spider lilies in shaded beds, borders and containers.
Flowering Season spring summer
Max Size 1m
Origin West Indies
Temperature tropical to cool subtropical
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