Water Chestnut Tree Saba Nut (Pachira aquatica)

Unusual looking tree with swollen trunk. Often used as a house plant. Seeds edible when the pod cracks open, raw or cooked or ground into flour. Seeds raw taste similar to peanuts. Roasted or fried they taste similar to chestnuts. Young leaves and flowers edible cooked, usually by boiling.
The leaves are palmate, with five large leaves which symbolize the five basic Feng Shui elements; Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth giving it the name the Money Tree as it considered a fortuitous tree.
You are purchasing a potted 30 cm plant.


Growing Conditions Tropical Subtropical strictly frost free or can be kept as house plant Does best in areas of periodic flood, or if water heavily often. It does not like dry wind. Handles full sun to shade.
Flowering Season spring Summer
Max Size can be pruned or kept in a pot 18 m in optimal conditions
Origin South America
Temperature tropical/subtropical or as house plant
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