Cheena Chempejack

Artocarpus integer x Artocarpus heterophyllus

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Similar to Chempedek with more vigour.

Cheena Chempejack is a cross between Jacfriut and Chempedak. It has more vigour and cold tolerance than Chempedak and is a good compromise for the subtropics. The flavour is richer tha jackfruit and has the richness of chempedak but not as overpoweringly intense.

You are purchasing a seedling tree in a 75 mil pot that is 35 cm tall.


Growing Conditions Well drained rich soil. Tropical to warm subtropical.
Average Dimension 35cm
Flowering Season summer
Max Size 20m
Origin SE Asia
Temperature tropical to warm subtropical
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Better potting for posting interstate

2 November 2017
Hi, I would like to give you some feed back about packaging for posting. I received this plant packed in wet paper and some mulch, that somehow did not work very well. The plant seem to stress and the leave all dry up after 3 days and about to fall of the plant. Even though, sraight away after received the plant, I put the plan under my pergola that received full sunlight in the morning only between 7:00am-10:30am, pack in a small pot with good potting mix. I hope the plant will recover. I also ordered a soursop plant from another tropical farm and they packed it in a small pot similar to yours but packed with potting mix and sealed with black sticky tapes top to bottom to keep the moisture andxthe soil in place . The plant also placed in a paper carton for postage. I was adviced to leave the plant the way it is and water it well for 2-3wks before replanting. This way have keep the plant alive and the soursop is doing very well. I hope you can use this packaging method next time so the plant have a better chance to survive. Thanks
(3) Response
Hi Tran, Thank you for leaving feedback but we feel we need to point a few things out. We do not recommend putting the plant in full sun for any length time when it is first unpacked. We mention in several places to make sure you read our tropical plant care info including the order confirmation and dispatch email. You'll find our Tropical Plant Care info here: Chempejacks are tropical fruits, in our growing conditions tab we recommend growing it in high humidity, tropical/warm subtropical conditions. I don't think it's very happy outside in Victoria. Your best shot is to grow it in a shadehouse.

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